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Rusting of steel in salt water

Rusting of steel in salt water

In pools with free chlorine produced by electrolysis ("salt pools") any metal in the pool can be affected by rust. Even the finest steels can be affected by this phenomenon.
The conditions that favour this situation are:
- high concentration of chlorides (the salt used pools with salt cell is Sodium Chloride);
- low pH;
- high temperatures;
A combination of these conditions can create problems that may be simply aesthetic or could create real functional problems (e.g. perforated steel, as shown in the picture).
If the problem is just aesthetic, it can be solved during maintenance using products suitable for stripping steel.
In the case of holes, however, the operation of the accessory, in our case the lamp, could be permanently compromised.
For a more in-depth analysis of the subject, we suggest you read this article by Prof. Massimo De Sanctis, an expert on metal corrosion, written for the magazine Happy Aquatics Construction.